Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs to your Stupid Kids with the Royalties Generated by this CD [2005]

Genre: Grindcore / Powerviolence


- Sorry, I Didn't Know That She Was Only 13
- A Real Bitch Doesn't Listen To Botch
- Seth Putnam Is A Rip-Off
- Sylvester Staline Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalties…
- Emo Is The R'N'B Of Hardcore
- Internet Thugz
- Poor Lonesome Trasher
- I Drive Drunk To Smash Cop Kids
- Remove Your Spikes
- Assume You're A Loser
- Crusty Bastards
- Not Sorry About This
- I Love Real Tv Shit
- King Of Hiddenz Lyrics
- André from Mongoli is a mongoloid android and Tetris made him fool
- Do it yourself
- More Crack!
- Horny Sistaz Love Mr. Freeze
- Bulletproof Bikini
- Bootyfastoi!Forskrewdriverfever
- Fatal Mosh From Venice Beach Goulag Aka Revolution Is Trendy
- Funny Funky Breakin' Yaba Girl
- Stabbed In The Back With A Fork
- A Song That We Can't Understand Why We Did It Aka The Batman Song
- Classious As A Pimp In Pump
- Nunchakniggusstrretbounceyviolentattack
- You play stoner but you don't even know it came from Black Sabbath because you are…
- Do You Have A karate club card?
- Disco Vietnam: Born To Dance
- The DC Killah
- Crackrocks Chocolate Milkshake
- Bootyfightorshakethatass
- Too Fuckin' Long



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